Why Visit New Zealand For All Occasions?

Admin. - February 21, 2017

New Zealand is a gem of a country to visit, offering plenty of sights and activities for all types of visitors, including scenic casinos

New Zealand is a dream come true for many, a land that’s prosperous throughout all seasons. Some say you can find both Asia and Europe in one land. Rich in culture from the Polynesian community, New Zealand is one country where the communities pride upon their culture and aren’t hesitant to share it with people around the world.

One of the countries with the lowest crime rates and amazing nature, it became a place of paradise for many. New Zealand, on the other hand, is a liberal country, respecting all forms and types of people and also open towards other cultures.

For example, gambling is less of a taboo in New Zealand compared to other countries this same concept applies to the acceptance of the LGBTQ community as well as women's equality. Hence being the best of worlds for humanity, entertainment, culture and nature, New Zealand offers several reasons for anyone to visit all year long.

Fitting for all occasions, we decided to highlight why and what you could when you’re in New Zealand.

  • An Affinity of Cultural Experience and Exposure.

After Malaysia, Australia, Singapore and Canada the next country that’s become a multicultural country while keeping their indigenous heritage alive would be New Zealand. A country which consists of people from various backgrounds and religion has its own uniqueness to it, it’s a country which prides upon its Maori culture.

The Maori community is from the Polynesian heritage, they’re a community that believes in close community bonds, family, respect, positive thoughts, and actions and finally, believes in motivating each other for the better. Their positive attitude has mesmerized the world in various ways one of it would be through “Hakka” or the war dance. The war dance although it was used to intimidate their opponents or as a chant to estimate the victories of war, it’s now used in the sense of community bond, well wishing and finally a way to portray their everlasting tie to the Maori heritage.

 Over the years, the famous tribe and its traditions have welcomed people from all around the world to share and be part of their community. From enjoying their tattoos to understanding what they mean, this community has held their open hands to people all around the world.

Hence, if you’re in New Zealand and are looking to ease your loneliness and make friends you’ve found the right kind of people. One of the places you could pay a visit would be the Tamaki Maori Village in Rotorua.

  • Be Mesmerized by the Unexplored Nature.

New Zealand, has been famed all around the world for its natural beauty. It’s eye-catching landscape and it’s evergreen hills. However, that’s not the only view one can find in that beautiful country. A land where both fire and water units, you’ll find the most amazing sites to feast your eyes upon.

Spend your days trekking the Fox Glaciers, one of the easiest glaciers to hike where all you need to do is to put on long socks and bring yourself there. On the other hand, you could hike across the Tongariro Crossing, an active volcano with the most mesmerizing view. If you need something to draw out your memory of this place, Mordor from Lord Of The Rings was situated there. If you remember it’s spectacular view and the ring of fire then this place would be something that would burn in your memory for years to come.

Another one of Lord Of The Rings featured scenario lies deep in the caves of New Zealand. NZ’s famous Glow Worms, these bioluminescent creatures are silent carnivores. They never leave the cave whilst survive their entire lifetime by feeding on small to large insects. Like twinkling lights they attract their prey hour to the eyes of a visitor is a beautiful sight that you wouldn’t want to miss.

While this would be just a handful of description about NZ’s nature, you would never be bored as you can go on exploring from watching whales to exploring the Moeraki Boulders. Hence, always take into account the things you would like to see whilst planning your trip to NZ.

  • Go On An Adventure and Challenge Yourself.

When there’s nature, there’s always an adventure and adrenaline drilling sports one could enjoy. A place where blood pumping and heart racing sports is celebrated and glorified. For those who’s looking to challenge yourself, this would be the perfect place.

For those who are enthusiastic about watersports, you can head for a session of white water rafting at Class 5 Rapid. It’s huge waves and crystal clear water would make this adventure even more meaningful. However, bear in mind that this would be both challengings for your physical and mental strength. As the strong currents would test your physical strength in navigating the canoe whilst keeping your mind focused and goal orientated. However, if you’re going with a group of like-minded people this adventure would be a piece of cake.

On the other hand, you can also head for a skydiving session in Abel Tasman or bungee jumping in Queensland. Why Abel Tasman? Well, you can skydive from loads of places in New Zealand, however, Abel Tasman’s special feature is a fact you’ll be able to watch both the North and South Islands while diving down.

Adventure sports knows no bounds in New Zealand, so if you would like to push your boundaries, this place would be perfect for it.

  • Try Out Your Gambling Hand.

As we all know New Zealand is one of the most liberal countries towards gambling. Due to their acceptance towards this specific sport, they’ve got one of the lowest rates of serial gamblers around. This allowed them to incorporate a fancier way of gambling and a more victorian casino around.

Particularly for tourists and visitors, most of their casino’s are located with a scenic view and plenty of fun games. It’s perfect for a classy and sophisticated night. One of  New Zealand's famous and beautiful casino would be in Auckland. Auckland Sky City Casino is located in the Sky Tower, one of the tallest place you could have a panoramic view of the whole city especially the Waikato river.

Therefore, being the perfect venue for anyone who would like to enjoy a fancy and sophisticated night.  So why not try your hand at gambling, you might be the next lucky winner.

In Conclusion

New Zealand, is a place where limited time would only restrict the fun you’re having. As there are activities that fit everyone's unique perspective it becomes a perfect place to mix it up and try different activities every time. For those looking to understand your partners, this would be a perfect place as you’ll be able to find polar opposite activities to test your compatibility or better yet your adaptability. 



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