Cashback Bonus

Cashback programs are casino programs in which you will be able to get back a certain percentage of the money you’ve lost for a limited amount and time period. The usual cashback is given weekly while there are those which are monthly or even daily. It ca

Name Bonus  
Vulkan Vegas Casino Exclusive $2000
Lucky Draw Casino
Casino Extreme
Cash Cabin Casino
CoinSaga Casino
Fresh-Bet Casino
Rigged Casino Exclusive $0
Dolly Casino Exclusive NZ$6000
BetSofa Casino Exclusive $500
Lemon Casino Exclusive €0

All casino players, online or not know that losing is an unavoidable part of the entire experience. In order to reduce the hit players take when losing online casinos offer cashback casino bonuses. They basically work by giving players back some of the money they lost on a hand, roulette play or slot. A part of the player’s lost money is returned as free casino cash, which can be used to gamble at another date.

Numerous Varieties of Cashbacks

Cashbacks can vary depending on the policy of the online casino. One of the most popular cashback bonuses are the bonus funds. They basically allow players to get back a percentage of their loss which can be used when other bonuses are activated. The sums received through cashback bonuses don’t represent actual cash, however it is a great way to ensure players have a healthy bankroll.

Cashback bonuses can also provide credits, meaning that users can actually use a part of the sum they gambled to add to their bankroll. The percentage generally ranges between 5% and 20%, however, the sum depends on the casino’s policy. Values for cashbacks which are close to or above 50% are mostly associated with VIP programs or appear in a far lower frequency.

How Does Cashback Actually Work?

As specified above, the actual percentage of the cashback is specified by each individual online casino. For the most part however, the value of cashback bonuses is given after a series of timetables. Some online casinos offer cashback bonuses on a set schedule, either every month, every week or on a daily in some cases. The player’s standing, account type and loyalty points can sometime play a role in the frequency of cashbacks.

The requirements for cashbacks vary depending on the online casino’s policy. Some games might not offer cashback bonuses at all while others might include wager requirements for players to actually get any cashback bonuses. As with everything related to online casinos, users should read all terms and conditions to get the offer that best suits their needs.

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