OCR Cookie and Privacy Policy

We recommend that you read our Privacy and Cookie Policies before continuing to browse the site. In the sections that follow, we will discuss what cookies are, why the site uses them, and other topics.

OCR website users are referred to as “You” in this Privacy and Cookie Policy. Our Privacy Policy is referred to as “This Document” in the sections that follow. This document discusses all the different user information the website collects and the way this information is processed. We are always transparent about the way we collect and process user data, and everything you need to know is outlined in this document.

OCR Privacy Policy

It should be noted that the OCR website may include third-party links and advertisements and these are available on the site independently but in line with our Privacy and Cookies Policy. Make sure you go through this document before you share your personal information on the site.

As soon as you visit the site, you give your consent to use to collect and process your personal information according to the guidelines outlined in the Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Different types of user personal information are collected by the site. The type of information collected and processed is non-personal. In other words, it is collected and processed to prove your identity. The information about your device is collected, including your IP address, usage statistics, and other types of technical data which are referred to as online identifiers.

The website also collects and processes information regarding the type of hardware and software you are using to browse the website, including your operating system and your device browser. OCR may also keep track of the time and language you used to access the site to improve the overall experience.

OCR Cookie Policy

The website relies on different types of cookies to offer our customers the best browsing experience possible. We also rely on different types of cookies to distinguish visitors, as well as, improve the overall functionality and design of the site.

In the simplest terms, cookies are small files containing information about your previous browsing sessions on the site, and these small files get stored on your device. Cookies remember your browsing preferences and make your future sessions more efficient and in line with your preferences.

Here at OCR, we use different types of cookies for different purposes, and these include:

Functionality Cookies:

Functionality cookies are mainly in use to identify returning visitors and save their browsing preferences. With functionality cookies, we can improve your overall browsing experience using the data collected on your past visits.

Targeting Cookies:

Targeting cookies are used in order to keep track of the links and pages you clicked on while browsing the site. Once again, we rely on targeting cookies to improve the overall functionality of the website based on your specific needs and preferences.

Performance Cookies:

Performance cookies also known as analytical cookies are used to collect data about anonymous visitors. With performance cookies, we also collect data about the pages and links accessed by anonymous visitors, how long their browsing sessions last, and similar. Thanks to performance cookies, we can offer our visitors more efficient access to different areas of the site based on their interests.

Persistent Cookies:

All of the cookie types discussed in the previous sections fall into the category of persistent cookies and these are cookies that are generally stored for longer than session cookies which will be discussed later on. Persistent cookies and the time they remained stored depend on the brand responsible for setting them up. OCR relies on a couple of different web-traffic companies which are responsible for collecting and analyzing different types of persistent cookies. It should be noted that OCR has no control over the way these companies operate or these companies’ Privacy Policies.

Session Cookies:

Session cookies are short-lived, temporary files that get stored on your device. Session cookies are gone as soon as you finish your browsing session. Session cookies are required for the site’s functionality. If you decide to disable session cookies, the site’s performance will be negatively affected.

If you continue to use the site, you give your consent to us to collect the information about your visits as outlined in this document. If you continue to use the site, you also give your consent to us to rely on different tracking technologies to improve the overall functionality of the site, as discussed in the previous sections.

Once again, we do not use cookies that can compromise your identity in any way. Still, you can disable cookies if you wish. To do so, access your browser’s “settings” page, go to the “privacy and security” section, click on the “Cookies” tab, and block some or all cookies.

If you do so, please remember that the site’s functionality and performance may be affected. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy and Cookies policy, use any of the contact options to get in touch with the customer support team.

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