Poker Your Way to College

Published February 16, 2009

Poker Your Way to College

Collegepoker hosts poker tournaments that can earn a young poker player a generous scholarship fund.

A chance to play poker, not spend a cent, learn the game and a few important strategy tips, and go to college - free! is sure on to something. With younger players in mind, who seek some high quality poker action and higher education, is offering two tournaments a week, hosted at Cool Hand Poker, where the grand prize is a $50,000 in a college scholarship fund.
And all action is free throughout.

In fact, a $250 prize awaits players on the Tuesday tournaments, and a $500 one on Wednesdays. The top player in June, who will win a tournament between the top 10 payers between now and then, will win the grand scholarship prize.

College Reps
Additional income, of $5 per player recruited, can be earned by becoming a college rep.

By inviting a player to join the site - remember, games are free and the prize is real - you can earn $5 for every student you recruit.

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