Bet365 Axes Betting on Volleyball

Published July 24, 2013

Bet365 Axes Betting on Volleyball

Unintended offerings result in removal of volleyball wagering.

Online Gaming giant Bet365 has removed all forms of wagering on volleyball from its sports betting offerings due to its possibly unintended previous offerings in non-sanctioned markets. South African gambling regulator Robert Chappell recently said that it was possible that Bet365 had offered the South Australian markets without the knowledge that it wasn't authorized and insisted that regulators would not be "inclined to prosecute the firm first go."

 He did imply that if Bet365 should continue in offering non-sanctioned markets, steps might be taken to "revoke their authorization."

This is further evidence that New Zealand seeks to maintain a strongly proactive stance in terms of maintaining control over all online gaming operations within its borders.  No less than the New Zealand Herald had recently printed that TAB bookies were acting under instruction to block all professional and semi-professional entities from utilizing TAB fixed-odds services as 'arbitage' wagers.

Robot Programs

Furthermore, TAB bookies in this island nation have restricted access to markets by certain punters, suspected to be fewer than twenty in total, who are believed to possibly be utilizing "robot programs" to assist in the detection of betting market analogies and in the identification of them.

As to punters not suspected of using these artificially enhanced means of gaining advantage, said restrictions would not apply to them, with Stafford offering that “one gallops punter who basically wins every week with us but we think he is doing his own form and not laying off our odds overseas so he is allowed on.”

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