Online Slots

Online Slots

So integral to sights and sounds of any casino, slot machines are hugely popular and have attracted millions of players through the seamless transition to online casino gaming.


The historical account of slots is a lot longer than what may be automatically assumed these days. It was first introduced in the US (United States) just right prior to the last years of the 19th century.

The foremost slot machine is called the Liberty Bell which was invented by Charles Fey, a mechanic who hailed from San Francisco. It took the appearance of the liberty bell with a crack on it, with three reels which spins and has the symbols of the spade, the heart, and the diamond painted around each of the three reels. Currently, the original machine is still at Reno Nevada, a living testament to how advanced the world of slots have evolved in the recent century.

The slot machines became an instant hit, therefore it is not surprising that Herbert Mills, a machine developer for arcades who hailed from the town of Chicago, emerged as Fey’s first true competitor in 1907. Mills is the man who have included the fruit symbols of plums, cherries, and lemons on the machines, and his additions have also stood the test of time just like Fey.

Slots technology advanced forward just as the way modern technology did. Bally made the first exclusively electronic machine for the world in 1963. It was called “Money Honey” and it generates payouts without any attendant’s assistance. In 1974, the slots game “Fortune Coin” was invented by Walt Freely, and it was the first slot that is video-based and is the precursor or the parent to today’s popular online video slots which is enjoyed by tens and tens of millions the world over.

The online video slots are the latest in the line. Since slots have been highly popular throughout UK, Australia, and US from the 1970s up to 1990s, this has made sure that these places were ready for the era of online gambling. Nowadays, because of the spreading of the online casino games to all corners or the world, slots are one of the vastly well-known types of online gaming together with poker, sports-betting, and table games. Various forms of slots have emerged like, 3D slots, slots with 243 combinations of winning and multiplayer slots tournaments. On a daily basis, the utilization of modern technology is surely creating history in when it comes to slots innovation.


What follows are a list of the most pertinent of online slots terminology:

Bet refers to the value of the wager.

Bonus Feature are usually endless. The main ones include Free Spins and Wilds.

Free Spins are another feature that is now quite common place in online slots. Many are even delivering fifteen to twenty number of free spins in a round.

Game Feature refers to the bonus round in which players can play or gamble their winnings on doubling, quadrupling, tripling, or losing their amassed spins.

Jackpot refers to the max prize on a given slot.

Max Bet refers to the highest number of coins for each spin.

Payline refers to the straight or diagonal lines which runs across the reels to which the players must line up the symbols to qualify for a win.  The quantity of paylines on a given online slot can differ from as minimal as 5 and as much as 100-plus.

Progressive jackpot is a type of jackpot in which the pool starts from the smallest jackpot and further increases until a player makes a strike.

Reels refers to the rotating barrels on which the symbols are painted on ever since the first slot machine was invented. The most primary goal for the player is to match the symbols on the reels.

Scatters refers to a payout which initiates a win minus needing to align the symbols on the payline. Scatters is what usually activates a game of bonus round.

Wilds refers to a symbol that can take the place of all other symbols to form a winning arrangement.

Winning combinations refers to the number of ways that a player may win. Nowadays, online video slots can include 100s and in very rare cases up to 1000s of winning combinations.


The rudimentary goal of any online slot is for the symbols to match up on the paylines but there are also a number of other ways to win the games. This is what makes checking the bonus features prior to trying any new slot important. Online video slots provides various ways to form winning combos thanks to the introduction of scatters, bonus games, scatters, and other features.

Since each slot differ from each other, it is important to know more about your chosen slot prior to playing it. The following are the most rudimentary types of slots which is present at any online casino (though you need to remember that there are all types of combinations of slots these days):

3-reel slots are based on the older and classic slots which usually have up to 5 paylines.

5-reel slots are based on the much more flashy video slots which has appeared with the electronic age. They oftentimes have a variety of diverse features which includes bonus rounds.

Multiline slots usually include more paylines than the average slot, example, 25 or 30 paylines. They deliver greater payouts but at a greater buy-in price.

Progressive slots may appear the same as standard video slots, but the jackpot in progressive slots will keep on growing until someone wins it. Progressive slots these days often has up to 4 real-time running jackpots, each can be won in the bonus round.


Slots is absolutely random unlike other games of skills like poker. It is random, just making it clear. With that in mind, you should also know that as the player, you can still make lots of pertinent decisions which requires strategy because that will improve your odds of winning and having fun as well.

Prior to playing slots, first choose a type that is best for your tastes and budget. Check the maximum bets, minimum bets, payout percentage, and information about jackpots. Know how big the jackpots are, whether they are progressive, and what indeed is the probability of winning it or striking it. After you have all these information, you can now decide which game is best for you. For those that have more money to spend, they will have no problem playing a game with higher risk but for those who have less money they can spend, it is safer to choose a game where the payouts are much more consistent. It is also best to choose a game that fits your interests – if you are a fan of Marvel comics, there are Marvel slots, if you are a fan of Bond films, there are Bond slots, etc.

If you are planning to go on a slots-playing career, you should take a look first at the entire picture. Which casinos online fits your budget and habits for spending? Where can you obtain the most valuable and best promos to help support your gaming style? You can get all the data you need on all the premier slots-providing casinos there is online on the OCR site.


  • Slots is a random game! We know we did already said it but we cannot stress it enough. Slots are a lot of fun and has a reputation for making people go home with lots and lots of money with just one click, but do keep in mind that this is a game that requires skill.
  • To be able to have chance on a progressive jackpot in playing slots, you have to bet the maximum amount. You won’t want to hit the progressive jackpot and not be in the position to claim it because of your failure to bet the number of coins required. Trust us!
  • Try out new types of slots machines. The internet is full of a wide variety of all the types of slots there is, from cinematic slots to 3D slots to multiple jackpot types of slots. If you’re a patient individual, you’ll find exactly what you want and in case what you want is not yet available today, it will soon be invented, perhaps, even tomorrow!

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