Low Limit Craps

For a few dollars you can roll your golden arm in craps games.

Low limit craps is one of the most popular casino table games. Since players are not required to place high minimum wagers, low limit craps has gained a strong foothold with casual players and low rollers. Craps is an easy game to play; players make bets on the expected outcomes of each dice roll. Low limit craps games typically featured betting minimums in the region of $3-$5.

It is not uncommon for Vegas style casinos to offer low limit craps games because these are the ideal enticement for players to start playing casino table games. The thing about craps is: the more you play the more you want to play. As the most social dice game in the world, craps certainly rules the roost when it comes to high-energy gaming. With low pay-ins, players at online casinos and traditional casinos can now experience the riveting action of craps.

Since it is a difficult for players to frequent land-based casinos every time they wish to play craps, the appeal of online casino craps is undeniable. Low limit craps allows players to play the game at a fraction of the cost of typical craps games. Since the minimum bets are far less, so are the potential losses. By reducing the cost of each bet, players can play craps online or at a land-based casino for much longer. And because the risk of loss is less, players have more freedom to experiment on different types of bets.

Cost savings are obviously the main benefits of low limit craps games, and when you play online there's no need to tip the casino staff either. Players can enjoy all the betting action that comes along with the territory such as Pass Line Bets and others. With low limit craps, you may receive lower payout odds on certain bets. For example snake eyes typically pays out at odds of 3:1, but with low limit craps it may payout 2: 1.

Overall though, the benefits far outweigh the pitfalls. Regardless of which online casino you choose to play at, it's important to understand craps strategy, house edge and betting options. Some of the best odds offered on low limit craps games include: come bets, don't come bets, pass bets, and don't pass bets.

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