High Limit Slots

It's possible to win millions of dollars playing high limit slots games.

High limit slots rank among the most enticing casino games. These games feature large max bet sizes and they cater to players who enjoy big risk and big reward. Casino whales – a.k.a. high rollers – enjoy high limit slots games since it is possible to win massive jackpot prizes. There are many benefits to playing high limit slots games, including VIP rewards, comps, exclusive promotions and access to an exclusive selection of high roller slots games. Unprecedented technological innovations have made it possible for slots games to provide players with incredible variety, features and payout combinations. The advent of progressive jackpot slots games is a case in point. Nowadays, it is entirely possible for slots players to bets hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars per spin.

It is a well-known fact that penny slots, while affordable, have the worst payout rates. High limit slots by their very nature require that their payout rates are significantly better to attract players. At land-based casinos, the payouts on slots games are typically between 65% and 80%. For high limit slots games, the payouts are close to the high end, so that more players will be attracted to these games. Casinos are only too happy to provide players with high limit slots games since these are chance-based games and casinos stand to gain considerably. Unlike games of blackjack or video poker, no skill is involved in playing high limit slots games.

Casinos can afford to pay back much more – in dollar terms – for every high limit slots bet placed than they can for every penny wagered in a low limit slots game. Since costs are fixed, more has to be taken from the low-paying games (percentage wise) than from the high-paying games. High limit slots regularly payout massive jackpot prizes and players relish the prospect of winning with these one arm bandits!

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