Go Crazy with a Game of Wild Viking

Published February 5, 2013

Go Crazy with a Game of Wild Viking

How do you combine roulette with a card game?

If you are looking for a unique online casino game, then this is it! Wild Viking is a game like no other and you can play it at Swiss Casino. Basically, it is a crazy combination of roulette and poker, where you can win a lucrative jackpot.

So, how do you combine roulette with a card game? Just think of roulette with a 52-card deck instead of a spinning wheel and you will begin to get near imagining what the game is about. Essentially, the board is divided into three betting areas. The central area features 52 cards plus two jokers and just like roulette, you pick your lucky card and if the fifth card that is dealt is the card of your choice, then you will pick up a great cash prize.

Meanwhile, the top part of the board is reserved for more traditional poker-style bets. So, you can bet on winning card combinations such as a flush, four of a kind and a full house, depending on the five cards that are drawn. The odds for each combination are conveniently displayed, so you can pocket 6-1 odds on a pair or as much as a whopping 280-1 when you bet on four of a kind.

The bottom section of the betting board includes your standard roulette bets. Take your pick of combinations such as red, black, odd or even.  However, if you choose the Wild Viking bet that the two jokers will appear as the first and fifth cards, then you can take advantage of massive 1250-1 odds! It is also worth noting that Wild Viking also includes a progressive jackpot, which you will win by landing a Royal Flush where the first and fifth cards are jokers. So, try Wild Viking for crazy and lucrative fun.      

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